Update on UT Admissions Lawsuit

It seems that everything in our world is so political these days.  The continuing lawsuits involving possible UT admissions shenanigans continues…

UT Admissions Lawsuits Continue


UC Personal Insight Essays

This year, the University of California has decided to (finally) change up from the two essay prompts (questions) they have used for many years.  Instead, they now ask that students choose 4 “personal insight questions” from a list of 8.  This of course is giving prospective students a new challenge when it comes to applying to schools like UCLA, UC Berkeley, UC San Diego, and the rest of the UC campuses.

To help students select which questions they should answer, how to compose their essays in their own style and give them some samples to help them get started, I created a course with a nominal $7 price tag to help.  If you or your student is stressing out over their UC essays, you may want to consider this online course.  You can learn more and read about each module of Answering the UC Personal Insight Questions course here.