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Supplemental Questionnaire How To

Just wanted to drop a little reminder here for those of you suffering with the supplemental question essay portion of the common application.  The supplemental questionnaire is designed to give schools a peek inside of you.   While these are not long essays, they are a great opportunity for you to show the schools you are applying to something that they cannot find in the standard application info.  The best part is that they give you a little guidance on what to write about, but you have some freedom on how you respond to them.  So, do yourself a favor and spend some time here making sure that what you write is what you want them to read.  This is also not a place for you to give simple or one word answers.  Time to be creative.

If you are interested, the Personal Statement Blueprint has a bonus this year in that I have included my Supplemental Questionnaire Blueprint for free to users.  There are tons of tips and strategies on how to respond to the prompts found in the Common Application supplements.  Either way, take your time and give them something to remember you by!

Austin Test Locations

If you are looking for SAT test locations, take a look at the College Board’s Code page where you can find testing locations all around the world.  Of course, you can learn about how I can help you or your high school student prepare for the SAT test one-on-one in Austin or video conferencing anywhere in the world.  I wrote a quick post on Blogger listing the SAT testing locations in Austin for the upcoming October 1st test.

Cheap Buys on Aussie Wines

While Australian wines have typically been a great value, it appears that we might have to give them a closer look these days as suppliers and producers are dropping their prices to try and raise some money.

CONSUMERS are the big winners from panic moves by Wine producers accused of selling their wine too cheaply to retailers. Leading retailer Dan Murphy’s managing director Tony Leon said suppliers were panicking. He did not believe discounting was the solution. Mr Leon said he was concerned major wine companies were making very little money or return on capital. Wine industry problems have stemmed from overproduction of grapes and wine and fierce competition in the retail sector. Mr Leon said only such serious long-time wine producers such as Henschke, Wendouree, Leeuwin Estate and Cullen Wines were doing well because they were tough customers and resisting pressure to drop prices. “My business is to get the best price for my customers, but I wish everybody was tough like those companies, because they’re doing well,” he said.

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